Unexpected Company is an Iowa-based professional company dedicated to providing “unexpected” creative services and experiences to schools and communities.

Our Work Includes:

  • Bringing to life classic works of drama and literature with creativity, boldness and verve
  • Developing and producing new plays, musicals and performance pieces
  • Developing and and providing arts education programs for students of all ages
  • Collaborating and creating  theatre-based projects that build bridges between disparate social groups and promote increased understanding
  • Providing creative services and development resources to artists, educators, arts organizations, schools and non-profits.


Company Philosophy:

We are not a non-profit organization.  Unexpected Company was founded as a partnership corporation to provide professional services to non-profits and schools, to copyright and publish our original work, and to create theatre productions.  The shows we produce are either commissioned, contracted, or produced in cooperation/partnership with other organizations (usually non-profits).   Our education programs and consulting services are also fee based.

Profit is never the primary goal for our artistic endeavors. The play is always the thing – if we come out at a break-even (production expenses are met, everyone gets paid a little something), we consider that a successful end-result.

We believe in paying people for their talent. Occassionally, we will solicit volunteers for workshops, readings, or demo recordings where no tickets are sold and no fees are paid.  However, whenever there is profit from performance fees or box office sales, we share those profits with our company members.

What can you expect from Unexpected Company?

Not the usual, not the standard, not the predictable approach to a program, a production or a project.  What you can expect is quality, innovation, passion, expertise, and something different. In short, you can expect expect the unexpected!