Celebration Quotation – February 24, 2016

Today’s quote is from the famous courtroom scene in The Merchant of Venice:

"To do a great right, do a little wrong." The Merchant of Venice, Act IV, Scene 1

The illustration is a portrait by an unknown artist of actor-manager Charles Kemble (1775-1854) in the role of Bassanio in an 1827 production of the play.  Kemble – a member of Britain’s most famous acting families – became well-known for his elaborate productions of Shakespeare’s plays, in which he strived to be as “historically accurate as possible in the production design.  This meant the costumes – like the one illustrated above – were detailed, lavish, and probably very expensive.  Perhaps this was why Kemble’s producing ventures often ended up in financial trouble!

Image Source: Folger Shakespeare Library Digital Image Collection