Celebration Quotation – March 21, 2016

Happy Monday!  Today’s quote comes from Othello: The actor in the photo is the great Edwin Booth (1833-1893) in the role of Iago.  Booth was one of the most celebrated actor-managers of the day, best known for his… Read More

Celebration Quotation – March 1, 2016

Today’s quote is from Othello: We love this image – a watercolor by Italian artist Ludovico Marchetti (1853-1909), painted in the late 19th century. Image Source: Folger Shakespeare Library Digital Image Collection

Celebration Quotation – February 7, 2016

Today’s quote is from Othello: The image is an engraving of a late 19th century painting by artist Solomon Alexander Hart (1806-1881).  Hart was the first Jewish member of London’s Royal Academy, and is considered to be one of the… Read More

Celebration Quotation – January 9, 2016

Today’s quote comes from Othello, and features a photo we absolutely love: William Haviland (1860-1917) was a noted English actor who toured, Europe, America, and South Africa, appearing in numerous Shakespeare plays.  There are only bits and pieces… Read More