Voices of the Civil War

Meet the leaders, the warriors, the patriots, the zealots and the ordinary men and women caught in an extraordinary struggle that divided and nearly destroyed a nation… Voices of The Civil War explores this tragic chapter of our nation’s history through the words and music of the people who lived it.  Weaving together stories, speeches, letters, diaries, and observations with songs and poetry of the era, the performance creates a tapestry of living history that explores the passions that sparked the war, its heroism and horrors – both on and off the battlefield, and its effect on those who survived.

Voices of the Civil War can also be adapted to fit a variety of performance spaces.  All that is required is a blank wall, backdrop, or screen for the projection of the visual presentation of Civil War era photographs and artwork that accompanies the show.  Voices of the Civil War is appropriate for audiences from middle school to adults.  School performances can be combined with theatre-based workshops that connect to American history curriculum related to Civil War studies.

Voices of the Civil War is no longer on the company’s touring schedule, but a production can be re-mounted upon request.